Generativity: Being in Person

While on my work-related travels last week, I had the joy of being in the same room and space with my colleagues and students.  One of my students, who encapsulates being a somatic based scholar-practitioner, commented to me on an article I published a few years ago based on a self-study body-scan exercise (Fortune, 2011).

She wrote (K. Cooley, personal communication, November 23, 2015):

Some thoughts that I have about your paper, stem particularly from these two lines:

 “but teaching somatic awareness requires increased substantiation and training for widespread implementation.” 

“Recent advancements in neuroscience hold potential for content putting evidence to support wider spread application for somatic awareness yet the disconnect between the concepts of physiological science and philosophies of the mind contributes to linguistic inadequacies for mind-body exploration the contemporary proliferation of neuroscience data and findings leaves a gap and examining the quality of somatic experience.”

She went on to say that she incorporated her reflections into a paper which she then incorporated into a posting for her blog.  In this post, she looks at somatic awareness affecting health looking at stress responses.

I am honored to be generative, seeing my work morph through others into new and innovative thinking.  But also, I value more than ever the importance of connecting in-person.  There is nothing like being there.


Fortune, L. D. (2011). Essences of somatic awareness as captured in a verbally directed body scan: A phenomenological case study. In R. L. Lanigan (Ed.), Schutzian Research: A Yearbook of Worldly Phenomenology and Qualitative Social Science (Vol. 3, pp. 105-118). Bucharest, Romania: Zeta Books.


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