Loss: A tribute to narrative

To acknowledge my hermeneutic orientation in research, scholarship, and life, I preface this verse by situating it in context. It was born out of a silent retreat today on Sanibel Island, Florida. The occasion was the beginning of Christian Holy Week a culmination of deep reflection.  It has been for me a time of transition, loss, blessings, and gratitude.

 Loss: A tribute to narrative

Ebb and flow

Brokenness and healing

And Propelled by

joined by synchrodestiny

Towards Becoming.

“Lives broken open,

Stories shared aloud,

Become a banquet,

A shelter for the world

A loving sign of God…”

(attributed to Cooney, Daigle and Donohoo, n.d.)

…a dance of the sacred.


Cracks of opportunity

To see life off a slightly different



Repeatedly, sequentially,

A loss turned to


Ripe with possibilities

For loss.


Of home

Of position

Of place

Of belonging

Of purpose

Conveys to meaning

Capitulated by spirit, harnessing energy of what

Is given

In belovedness

To wholeness.

Cracks and places not totally sealed.


Like a skinned knee are

Crusting, mending, ever present

With permanent scar tissue that must be continually

Stretched or risk rigidity.

Once Blessings

Turned to loss

Can rise

To transmogrify

To become butterflies.

Or sink under denial

To less than suffering,

To nothingness.

How much scar tissue can one person bear and


Be able to dance?

It all depends on the stories.

Stories told.

Stories shared.

Conceived and birthed in authenticity, intention.

Provide meaning and a portal for entry

A shelter, a banquet

Of the sacred.


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  1. Marilyn

    thanks !!!

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