Workshop: Headache management through self care

Managing the Pain Above the Neck:
Self-help for headache and migraine sufferers
Offered at Circle Yoga, Jan. 27, 2013-2 hr workshop


According to some estimates, migraine occurs in about 15% of the general population. The incidence of non-migraine headaches is much higher. Associated pain is usually managed by medication, but some patients do not tolerate migraine medication due to side effects or prefer to avoid medication for other reasons. Non-pharmacological management is an alternative treatment option.

This experiential workshop introduces a collection of self-help tools and techniques for the headache and migraine sufferer. As with other health related concerns, headache sufferers are increasingly turning to complementary and alternative medicine practices to combat the pain and disability of migraines, tension headaches, and related symptoms. Incorporating recent scientific evidence, this workshop offers hands-on techniques and tools that can help mitigate, reverse, and prevent the unpleasant symptoms from head pain.


Joanne Checchi, LMT: Joanne has been practicing and teaching massage in DC for over 20 years, and is in private practice in Cleveland Park. One of her specialties is the proper use of body mechanics.

Luann Fortune, LMT, MA, PhD: Luann holds a PhD in Human Development, and is part-time faculty at the graduate College of Mind-Body Medicine for Saybrook University. She has been practicing and teaching massage in DC for over 20 years, and is in private practice in Chevy Chase, DC. Her massage work incorporates western techniques, including NMT, deep connective tissue, and passive/active stretching, into various non-structural approaches, such as aromatherapy and energy modalities.


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