Mindful Post-Election 2012 Reflections

I just watched Barack Obama’s victory speech.  I watched it online because I fell asleep at about 130am ET .  No amount of chocolate could keep me up and Barack had yet to appear, and I snoozed off.  I had wanted to be part of it, part of history.  I live in Washington, I am deeply committed to issues that shroud our democracy, my family and friends were actively invested in this election.  And the chapter was about to close.

Earlier in the night, my daughter negotiated with her father over control of the TV screen.  He wanted to watch the network reports as results rolled in.  She wanted to watch John Stewart and Stephen Colbert parody what was simultaneously occurring at network news.    Since he could not figure out how to navigate through hundreds of channels without her, she was in control at 1116pm when Ohio was determined to tip the balance that re-elected President Obama.  Her father was annoyed because he missed the moment when the polls unrolled to name the victor, so he too could be part of history, no matter that the different networks were still posting different reports.  She said she knew already the president won, it had been tweeted to her moments before.   It was already history.

I reflected on this feeling, this sense of being part of history.  It is why I waited up to watch the victory speech unfold live, regardless of cognitively knowing I would see it via an electronic medium that would include delays and replays.  That sense of history is probably why my European cousin, who lives six hours ahead of me, actually did see the speech delivered live.  So he saw it before me, my national history being made.

My cousin said it moved him, and congratulated me on our “very smart president”.  I thought, “yes, and I hope this inspirational speaking, smart man can be even more savvy, assertive, and especially collaborative in the months and years ahead.”  If not, I fear we are lost anyway.

Regardless of what unfolds in the months ahead, I intend to stay present with the process.  Earlier in the week, I participated in a conference meditation call, directed to channel many consciousnesses towards a good and just democratic process.  I realized that, although the outcome was important to me, the process was perhaps even more precious.  In so realizing, I set my intentions for an honest, thoughtful, respectful election, free of corruption, tampering, and hatred.  I think that happened, but realize that the full history of this 2012 election is still a bit of a mystery.

Regardless, I plan to hold that intention about the process for the period ahead: that it be full of integrity, use words that are impeccable, and hold a consciousness that is bigger than any one person. There is now real work to be done.



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2 responses to “Mindful Post-Election 2012 Reflections

  1. Luann,
    After all the shouting, I appreciate this calm, quiet reflection. Yes, we witnessed history last night. Like you, hope to hold on to that feeling of being present and engaged with the work as the future continues to unfold.

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