Article published in Schutzian Review

I am delighted to announce that my paper ESSENCES OF SOMATIC AWARENESS AS CAPTURED IN A VERBALLY DIRECTED BODY SCAN: A PHENOMENOLOGICAL CASE STUDY has been published in the 2011 annual review Schutzian Research.  This was my first phenomenological research as a doctoral student a couple years back, and I am pleased it is being so honored and will enjoy a larger audience.  The full citation for this piece is

Fortune, L. D. (2011). Essences of somatic awareness as captured in a verbally directed body scan: A phenomenological case study. In R. L. Lanigan (Ed.), Schutzian Research: A Yearbook of Worldly Phenomenology and Qualitative Social Science (Vol. 3, pp. 105-118). Bucharest, Romania: Zeta Books.

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